Tuesday, March 23rd 2010

Today I realized that I have slacked long enough on my blog to actually remember all the details of these last couple of days, mainly from March 11th to March 23rd. Suffice to say, I unfortunately have to break away from my more-organized pattern of writing.

I also realized that I should check the date more often, because without a lot of my friends having a 23rd March related status, I would never really have bothered to contemplate that day’s importance. Shows how out of touch with real-life I’ve become. For a person who used to atleast read headlines everyday, news updates have become something hearsay. My first update on the passing of Obama’s health care reform bill came from facebook. Yes, something is seriously wrong here. University is a bubble if you don’t try hard enough to stay out of that thin film of oblivion…

Getting back to my life, well the weekend before spring break, I was in Poughkeepsie, NY having fun car-rides and other stuff with my Framingham family…After that it was a busy catching up with work week.

Friday, I saw Alice in the Wonderland. In 3-D. Randomly, I might add =P. Saturday, I went to Filene’s, got a birthday present and headed over to Framingham. Sunday morning, back to BU. Monday was a rainy day, didn’t do anything fun. Tuesday was Global Village, and got to see some intersting dances like an African Gazo dance and a Rumba performance.

Islam Awareness Week, IAW is coming up so busy with that. Inshallah it’ll be fun =).


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