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Monday, March 29th 2010

Today was a good start to what’s gonna be a very hectic week.

My 9am writing class was fun as we concentrated on arguments and how, like lawyers, we have to know the difference between “scoring points” or making ethical judgment calls. It was like debate class, as we formed groups and tried to come up with arguments about Skinner’s ideas of an equitable society, without doing away wit gender vs. Kate Bornstein’s ideas of eliminating gender in society. Of course, like all ethics texts, everything depends on interpretation. But anyway, this was what I signed up for when I chose “Visions of Moral Progress”: actually focusing on arguments and ideas, and not just theories. Of course, in academic terms, all this means that I want to raise the bar for my final essay.

In Arabic, we started chapter 11, a dars with a very interesting range of vocabulary: romantic, relationship, breaking up, engagements..I wonder if that means the Al-Kitaab character is in a relationship or something. That’ll add a little spice to the whole story, cos the only thing remotely controversial so far has been Khalid hiding from his grandma to smoke, and come on that’s just something he’d do cos he respects his grandma. Anyway, yeah so if it couldn’t be inferred, I  pretty much don’t have a life since I’m so curious about the love lives of fictional TEXT BOOK characters. wow, rock bottom =P.

Anyway, as soon as class was over, I headed off to the GSU. I must mention that it was pouring today, kind of like the day in Labyrinth (of course an 80s movie reference is not very relatable haha). So I got cream of mushroom soup <3, and gulped it as quicly as I could before heading off to Mugar Library.

11:30-2: searches, email notices, book labels et cetera. Rhoda wasn’t there cos of Passover, so the work environment was comparatively relaxed. My shoulder still hurts, so I tried not to carry to many books in one go, as I usually do when I’m being lazy about walking. Got some sociology print outs for my writing class.

After a quick trip to the GSU, I went to stats class. Sampling, as usual. I hope what he taught today doesn’t show up on Friday’s test, cos it looked pretty hard…But I have a few days to sort it out.

Soaking wet as I went over to SAO to confirm film info. Then Howard Thurman Center for Arabic. Practiced hotel manners. Now I can at least survive a short business trip to the Middle East =P.

Headed back to Towers. Got a bad housing number, and I’m glad I don’t buy lottery tickets: not the best luck in the world this year lol. Dinner with Vaish and Emily. Prof Asani’s talk about Muslims in American, post 9/11.

Prof Asani is an eloquent speaker once he gets comfortable with his surroundings. He is definitely south asian, and from his accent, probably Pakistani. He is a Harvard professor, and focuses on overcoming stereotypes. His ideas about esoteric interprerations about religious texts was quit intriguing. He seemed to be implying that religion too can be a social construction factoring on various socio-economic-poltical issues. Thus he was right in pointing out that Muslim-majority countries are not necessarily Islamic, as a response to a student referring to the unfair treatment of non-Muslims in some Muslim majority countries. Overall, an intriguing lecture and Ifran is a good MC.

Gossip Girl at 9. Other tv shows. Facebook etc.

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