A fun ending to a hectic week.

Me and Alex at the last IAW event on Friday. The poster board I made is at the back.

Sunday, 4th April 2010

It was a nice and sunny day today. Temperature was in the 70sSun (22degrees celsius!). Talked to Asiya phopo and adeel bhai. Then I cleaned my room, and since I’d been putting it off for a long time, it REALLY needed cleaning and it took me around 2 hours lol! Anyway, now everything looks so neat and tidy and so my mood is even better =)!

An acquaintance from Model UN came over to BU and it was fun showing him around. He goes to Brandeis, which is 45min away from BU on the train. He had come for a research a paper on Middle East and colonialism, and wanted some books on Egypt, which the BU library has. The good thing about most boston schools is that if you get a special card, called the BLC (Boston Library Consortium) card, you can take out books from a bunch of libraries (sadly, Harvard is not on the list).

There was a sale on BU hoodies, 50% off, so I got one =)! Overall, good day.

Saturday, 3rd April 2010

I woke up at 8 in the morning and was so proud of myself! Skyped with Sauleha. Had breakfast with Rebecca and Kavitha. Since the weather was AMAZING, my friend Alex and I went shopping =D. It was fun to have a girl’s day out! We went to Sephora in the Prudential Center. There was some sort of an Anime convention going on and everyone had a funny costume on. Alex took pictures, so when she puts em up, I’ll upload some here Inshallah. Then we went to Zara’s. Then H&M. H&M had a sale on winter clothes so I got a cute, bright pink sweater.

We went back to BU, ate at the dining hall, and then decided to watch a movie. She had Labyrinth and I was ecstatic =D. We watched labyrinth, and near the end of the movie I found out that Seyhr and Shayaan were going to this dance performance thing, cos their friend Zara was performing. I went too, and it turned out to be real fun, cos the BU Indian Club choreographs things really well! They remixed Indian and English songs, and there were a lot of dances on Aal iz well hahahaha. Anyway, after the show, Serina joined us, and Seyhr’s friend, Naba joined us in the middle. We went to Bertucci’s, I got good ravioli.

Then we planned to watch a movie, but we missed the 11 screening, and didn’t really wanna wait for another screening of "Clash of the Titans". Serina got picked her dvd, I Love you Man from Towers, and we played it on Shayaan’s xbox. It was fun. Seyhr planned to go to New York Sunday morning so at first she was trying to stay up, but she fell asleep in the middle of the movie, and while she tried staying up, we told her she should sleep. She was worried she wont be able to wake up at 6 in the morning. I dunno if she did, should call her…

Friday, 2nd April 2010

Writing class debates. Arabic conversation hour about professions. Stats discussion. Studying for stats test. FitRec Class. Stats test. Prepared our poster boards for final IAW event. Good turn out =). Met Ziad’s friend from school, Daniella and her cousin Susan. They’re so nice Mashallah! Daniella goes to Simmon’s and Susan will be going to Wellesley in the fall. We had dinner at Noodle Street, which was fun =)!

Thursday, 1st April 2010

Thursday was the film event for which I was the "Master of Ceremony", basically speech and stuff. Screened the film, "On a Wing and a Prayer" about a funny Muslim family.

Wednesday, 31st March 2010

Busy day…Wrirting class, Arabic, Stats, more stats at the Education Resource Center (ERC). Studying. Interfaith discussion at the GSU Back Court. Even though I missed most of it cos I was writing up an abstract for a paper, the ending was good, and met lots of cool people..


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