Sun Serenade


Tuesday, 6th April 2010

Woke up, went over to Towers, did econ homework, attended econ class. Ate with Shums and Seyhr. Discussed where we wanted to live next year Inshallah. Watched Gossip Girl. Attended Islamic Society meeting. Ziad resigned, so now I’m the interim head of the “Department of Religious Affairs”…

Headed back to Towers, Towers floor meeting. Blogging etc.

Image043 Image044 Image045 Image046

My attempt at “pimping my phone” lol


Monday, 5th April 2010 



One of the reasons I started a blog was to monitor how I was spending my time. Was I wasting it over nothings? Was I just spending all my time in my room? Was it whimsical? Just another one of my silly psychotherapeutic ways. Anyone who really knows me probably also knows that I over-think things, so I guess it was just a way of understanding myself. Possibly the cliche’d “finding myself thing.

Writing is always something I’ve enjoyed, and when I’m not stressing it, it just comes naturally. That’s one of the reasons I want to write a book sometime in my life. It was also one of the reasons journalism is kind of a high for me. And it has also been a way of understanding myself. Anyway, not to digress, the reason I’m going on with this sudden semi-philosophical musing is because I’m concerned that writing for the "Daily Free Press has become a job rather than something I enjoy or can naturally do.

On Monday, I covered a very fun event: Are you smarter than a Phd? But that’s the thing, even though here I can go on about how much I loved it, for the newspaper, I have to maintain a degree of journalistic professionalism and have some neutrality. Which is why whatever I write becomes forced.

Take this for example (the article above). It doesn’t have my voice, and had it not been for good editing on the part of Saba (the section editor), it was a horrible piece of writing. Naturally, I am concerned.

Anyway, that was just a thought. Going back to my day, I had writing, arabic and work in the morning. Skyped a little in the afternoon. Class. An attempt on phone decoration. Dinner at Shelton with Seyhr, Ally, Lauren etc. Covered the Are you smarter event. Had loads of fun at it :).. Wrote about it. Went over to Shelton. Chatted with Seyhr, and then walked over to the cinema (which is luckily a 7-10min walk). Watched “The Last Song” with Seyhr’s friends Zara, Haya, Naba and Rahul. It was funny how Haya had told Rahul it was “The Last Fight” and not a chick-flick, so he’d come along =P. He thought it starred “Michael Cyrus” hahaha. Of course, he knew something was up,, but it was funny :)!

It was too late to walk alone to Towers by the time we got done, and so I stayed at Shelton.


2 Replies to “Sun Serenade”

    1. Hi Amnah,

      Thank you for subscribing, really honoured! =) I usually use this blog as a personal diary, so unfortunately no.. But I’m working on this blog collection with some friends on mine (it’s still in the works), and if you’re interested in writing for that, then definitely let me know (my email is… Do you already have a blog where I could find writing samples?

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