Standing in the middle of a doorway…

My schedule for next semester. I’m taking, starting from the first course on the key, AN102: Human Biology (as part of the science requirement for the college), HI392: Introduction to the Middle East, IR373: Global Governance and Organization, LY211: 3rd Semester Arabic, MU184: Group guitar lessons, CS101: Volleyball

Sunday, April 18th 2010

Registered for next semester’s classes. Halwa Puri for breakfast <3, Beena Aunty is such a great cook! Chilling. Rushed to catch the 2:30 train, but realized I’d forgot to pack my jeans and night suit at Hynes. I knew I was forgetting something when I was packing. So went back to Towers. Shower. Grabbed the 4:40 train from Yawkey station. Framingham :). It was soooo cold and rainy. Wedding season, so Saleha and Bia were making a dance routine. Loads of fun. We filmed it. Loads of bloopers, of course =P. Faiz made good pizza!

Friday, April 16th 2010

Most of my rainy day was spent doing stats homework, hypothesis theorems etc. *Yawn*. Did Arabic homework, edited paper. Writing, we had presentations so it was the usual. Arabic was interesting cos we had this substitute prof. who seemed like a great teacher :)!! Stats discussion. Stats jomework. FitRec Racquetball class. Stats class. Late lunch with Monsura, who’s awesome. A little break. GSU. Trip to Harvard for a lecture-like Halaqa on Al-Ghazali. 

Thursday, April 15th 2010

Arabic presentation. It was pretty okay. Vampire Diaries was sooo good. Econ class, yawn. Went to look at Myles, my form for next semester Inshallah. I loved the room. It was big, and we have our own bathroom. BUT it’s soooo far away, and the overall feel of Myles is so dingy. But to me, all that really matters is the room.

Wednesday, April 16th 2010

Crispy Crepes trip. Made video for presentation. Housing maslay. We didn’t get an apartment, and we’d really wanted one. Myles was only the real option left…


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