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This picture is perfect for this post. Ironically, I’m writing about gender so Calvin’s "trans-relational gender modes" rings true =P. 

Sunday, April 25th 2010

Getting ready. Breakfast at 11. Volunteering at veteran homeless shelter with ISBU. Fanueil Hall. Quincy Market. Staff Applications etc. Crsipy Crepes. Homework.

Saturday, April 24th 2010

BarMUN meeting from 11-1. Sleep. Work. McDonald’s. Shopaholic series.

Friday, April 23rd 2010

Writing portfolio discussions. Arabic presentations. Stats discussion. 2 hour fit-rec. Monsura dinner. Pru, Lord & Taylor, H&M with Sundose. Noodle St.

Thursday, April 22nd 2010

Thursday, I had an Arabic quiz -_-. Work, economics quiz. Vampire Diaries. Stats studying.

Wednesday, April 21st 2010

Naheeeeeen *very dramatic, film-style* =P. It can’t be April 21st already!!! That would mean there’s barely any time to my economics and stats finals. AND I don’t know anything -_-!!!! Freaking out. Zooming in to my day, studied all night last night, trying to write a stupid paper. By the time I wrote it, it was 7 in the morning…I had class at 9. So no sleep. Arabic. Work. Stats. Stats help. Nap. Quick dinner. Reporting story for the FreeP. Finshed writing it at 11:15. Now, have to revise Arabic presentation and test…Joy. I think I’ll go to bed, and wake up early Inshallah…

Tuesday, April 20th 2010

Writing appointment. Discovered my essay was going nowhere. Read the 3rd book in the Shopaholic series. Econ class, discovered that I don’t see why economists tend to complicate common sense stuff with equations and numbers. Is it necessary to prove everything? (wait, don’t answer that =P). Attended a lecture about landmines and the process of de-mining in war-afflicted regions. Islamic Society pre-election meeting. Discovered that the current president isn’t running for next year, which is sad cos he was an excellent president :(. Headed off to the library. Studied for a bit. Since dining halls were closed, headed off to subway to grab a personal pizza. Watched Glee. Skyped. Researched more for paper. Working on draft more in a bit.

Monday, April 19th 2010

Read Shopaholic series books. Worked a bit on stats homework. Tried working on paper. Rebecca had a celebration party for her acceptance to Columbia in Sunset Cantina. It was fun.


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