Due to finals week, and my workload piling up, I thought I’d make a sort-of to-do list for every time I’m tempted to write a blog entry(Of course, an excuse for procrastination -_-):

1.Writing portfolio due on Wednesday. Edit all essays :(.
2. Stats homework due on Wednesday
3. Practice speaking Arabic for Oral Proficiency Interview at 3:15 on Tuesday *gulp*
4. Arabic cumulative exam on Thursday.
5. Arabic Hafla at 5 on Thursday. Practice some poem etc. for extra-credit
6. ISBU elections Thursday, 7:30.
7. Study for economics final on 4th May, Tuesday (CAS 116, 6-8pm).
8. Study for stats final on 7th May, Friday (CAS 224, 12:30-2:30pm)

Note to self:
*Limit facebook.
*No TV shows/movies until 7th
*No socializing
*LIVE in the library


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