Family, friends, facebook and food…

 I’ve been on a blogging hiatus for quite a while now, but thought I’d scribble a few lines about being back home. In one word (or more =P): It epitomizes awesome…

So far I’ve met up with some of my best friends Party, had the best food on the planet and caught up on some well-needed sleep. It feels good to be surrounded  by people who care about me.

I had plans to intern somewhere -do work I don’t enjoy- but realized that life is too short to waste on things you don’t like, and not to spend with people you love. Instead I’m going to do actual self-improvement things Inshallah. Like learn a new language, brush up on my general knowledge, actually READ academic books and not read them just because I have to, read the Qura’an properly and the list goes on. In short do things that make me a better person, not just a good job applicant (work for future work– is such a superficial idea, now that I come to think about it.

So yeah studying to get good grades, attending classes to pass exams etc. kind of missi the point of college. Education is about learning. You’re supposed to enjoy it, or else you should focus your energies elsewhere. And I don’t mean enjoy as in it should be wasteful fun– enjoying as in actually finding self-fufilment from getting knowledge. Maybe that’s a too lofty idea to be realistic, but I don’t want to live my life meaninglessly anymore.

Anyway, that was quite a tangent =P. Getting back to my summer so far, home is <3. Now that I get newspapers and magazines, I’m back to my old pre-college habit of reading them. Oh and why is it that all the good movies and tv shows only play before summer break??! Like during my exams, all the shows I follow had to have their amazing season finale episodes, but now that I’m free, there’s nothing good on? So watching the O.C. and reading Sophie Kinsella seems like a good contingency plan :-)..Future plans: Eric Hobsbawm and the Energy Crisis, but come-on, some entertainment first =P.

The first few days, I went on walks with my aunt and cousins (to lose some of the Freshman-15), played badminton, and hung out with my grandfather..Then I got sick in the middle (fever and some throat infection) so had to take a break..

Speaking of other unfortunate stuff, the govt. blocked Facebook and Youtube, and even Wikipedia (that for like 2 days, but seriously, who in their right mind bans wikipedia!). The Facebook ban made me realize I’m seriously addicted to that wesbite. Like seriously. I could actually be in Facebookers Anonymous or something, it’s that bad. I only lasted 3 days without it, and that seemed like an eternity. I was like "omg I must’ve had 70 notifications by now!" or "how will I keep in touch with my BU friends" or "there could be an important event I wouldn’t find out about". I mean you get the general picture, I need help. So yeah, new goal: get a life =P. Not that that involves not blogging or anything, right? =P. Eek I’m an internet addict. I have no idea how I was living before the year 1998 when I discovered it! But that’s another story…


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