I called my dear friend Aiman yesterday, but tsk tsk, she was still in college 😦 at that time…So guess it’s fate that obstructs me overcoming telephobia, right AimanTongue out?

I’m back to writing, but I don’t think I have any readers left hahaha. Atleast I’m still brushing up on writing…Even though it is turning out to be Meg Cabot styled superficial journalistic rants about my life..Seriously, the average blogger writes about so much cooler stuff like world peace, global warming, economics etc–you get the picture. But I write for fun…not from some overwhelming compulsion to change the world with my words. For that, I’d write for a newspaper =P.

Anyway, enough of my scepticism on the lack of cynicism in the world =P. Facebook’s still banned. I should just re-title my blog "Confessions of a Facebook Addict". Seriously, apparently the proxy thing I was using has been banned too. I mean come on, with issues like the revamping of the constitution, ever growing inflation, a budding energy crisis, corruption cases being pursued by the SC et cetera et cetera, the Govt. CLEARLY should have bigger issues to be worried about! Why has internet censorship become a sudden high priority? A conspiracy theory text message I got from somewhere recently said that the Govt. just wants to distract the educated populace of the country from important issues…Who knows what the reality is..

Till later.


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