Black and white, arranged in stark music harmony…a symbiosis of cadences high and low, it’s an instrument of beauty..

Great, now I’m writing odes to pianos =P.. So for the last couple of days I’ve been trying to learn how to play a couple of songs I like. Youtube is a lifesaver. I got the intro to unfaithful perfect last summer (or even before that actually, come to think of it), but ever since then, I haven’t been able to complete the song. I can play all the right hand parts, but when it comes to playing with both hands in the second half of the song, I’m stumped..So I tried leaning other songs..played a couple, but I’m very capricious (it’s a miracle I’m a taurus..I thought we were supposed to be tenacious? Weren’t we, Faiqah?) Anyway, so played a song, got bored, clicked another, tapped a few keys, got frustrated, clicked another—you get the picture..

Patience is a virtue. Never thought it would be such a painstaking one =P. Music is a whole new language. It’s got its own script, its own chords and even its own culture. And learning to play my favorite songs without knowing their language, would kind of be like me learning a song in another language without the meaning…So the way I was playing, memorising keys, chords, patterns–not exactly helpful. Of course, when I try to learn the proper way–reading sheet music, picking up the symbols, the tones–that’s a whole new level of commitment..I like to get results fast, but music is another language. And technically I really can’t expect to pick up a new one in just a few weeks.

After all, even the process of learning Arabic–a language with a familiar script, accent and even somewhat vocabulary–was a long one. Not counting the years in EMS till 8th grade, when I was pretty good in the grammar, 4-5 years of no practice made me pretty incapable of speaking the language. In fact, al-lughaa arabiyya(arabic language) became sa’ab (hard).

I only picked piano again for fun…but even fun needs some hard work before apparentlyWink..


Btw, my piano pains aside, life is great in "Islamabad, the Beautiful". The weather has been amazing Alhamdulillah. I missed the gray and white cotton candy clouds floating over hunter green hills…the thunder crackling over a lightning violet sky.

I finished watching the O.C. series, and it was a really good show, with a solid ending. Really, they don’t make meaningful shows any more. All the new shows revolve around fashion, boys and vampires. There isn’t any real focus on family, friendship and adversity, like it was in the O.C. Boy-girl relationships weren’t the only focus of that show. Just goes to show how society has evolved in the last couple of years. Shows have become complete escapades from reality. In fact, I could say that for most of the media industry. Creative eccentrics like Lady Gaga are famous just because of their theatrical surrealism…

Coming back to my life, I’ve been leading a fairly good existence, apart from the occasional insomnia that comes with looming model UN deadlines (I’m chairing 2 conferences this year so I have to write background guides etc.) The workload isn’t that much at all, but I take undue tension. I can’t even imagine how I’ll handle stress in real workplaces, since even little deadlines make me stay up late thinking about all the different ideas that could work…which is why I distract myself with books. I picked up Wuthering Heights again, a book that has pestered me for ages. It’s a wonder because I’ve read all of Charlotte Bronte’s books except Shirley, and all of Anne Bronte’s too…but whenever I pick up Emily’s only novel, its narrative style bugs me. Lockwood is just too effeminate. And I like to imagine novels in my head, so it gets pretty irritating in a little while (like I said earlier, I need lessons in patience =P. Thank God Ramadan is coming up soon. ) Anyway, so coming back to Wuthering Heights, I’m ashamed to admit I still haven’t gotten past chapter 5! It’s an utter travesty. Maybe this summer I’ll finish it…maybe.


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