Mashriqi Larki?

(Painting by Hoda Fathianpour)

When you have to look up the translation for a Punjabi song when you’re technically Punjabi, you know something’s wrong =P.

I’ve never appreciated culture. When I was younger, Arif Lohar’s Punjabi folk tunes used to play on PTV and I never appreciated his “Chimta”, the symbol of his unique style. I thought Truck Art was too gaudy. I used to get bored on Mehndi’s because the ceremonies took forever, which is strange in retrospect. I should have picked up Punjabi from my grandmother, but never did. I always picked bracelets over bangles, because bangles break so easily. I always thought nose piercings were very unpractical and will never get one.

It’s strange that I’ve lived almost all my life in Pakistan and didn’t appreciate the very things that give the country it’s character…While I followed politics and read newspapers, I made the mistake of neglecting a very essential aspect  to understanding all of it. I lived here, without really living here.

Not to say I don’t disapprove a lot of the things that exist in South-Asian culture. The preferential treatment of boys in society, for example, always used to irk me; The fact that girls are supposed to be docile creatures who only dream of getting married (not that I disagree with marriage. I will always pick raising a family over a career, but I feel that a girl(and boy both) should have a solid education and an independent mind before saying their “Qubool hai”s; Et Cetera.

I’ve learned, however, that I under-appreciated the more positive aspects of our culture…

Goal for 2010: Appreciate the good parts of society and stop being a total cynic :).

Jugni taar khaeein vich thaal

Kuch ni nibna bandiya naal

Rakhi saabat sidh amaal

Chad duniya dey janjaal

(Alif Allah (Chambe di bootee)- Arif Lohar)

O my creation, share whatever you have
Remove yourself from worldly concerns
There is nothing that you can get from other human beings that you can take to the after-life
Just keep your actions and intentions pure


13 Replies to “Mashriqi Larki?”

  1. 1. Well I mean there are a bunch of different dialects of Punjabi so it’s understandable that you don’t understand everything.

    2. Those are exactly my sentiments. Living in Pakistan has its ups and downs. Initially I could only see the negative aspects but it slowly grew on me.

    3. Bored at mehndi’s?!?1 Dude, they are usually the funnest part of weddings. You crazy.

    1. 1. Actually I don’t understand anything far from simple Punjabi like “Thuaa-dy gaddi kithey hai” =p

      2. :D.. I’ve always loved the people. Never the culture..

      3. Hahahaha I still think they’re too noisy. Yes, I’m a buzzkill ;).

      BTW I do not know Pushto! That’s my friend Minah.

  2. What do you call someone who is technically punjabi but speaks pushtu fluently??
    a Gone Case

    join the club Maha=)

    and im so googling that song

  3. ooo nevermind. I was getting comment updates through email so it was kinda funky.

    I mean i totally understand punjabi. But yea, when it comes to speaking it, I can do it, but i kill it. Like absolutely. My younger cousins make fun of me for how much I suck. 🙂

      1. I’m part Urdu speaking and part Pushto and even my dad can’t speak Pushto, while my mum knew Persian too.

        I, on the other hand, no nothing. It’s the easiest answer and normally a convo-stopper hehehe….

        *gets glared by parents*


  4. Haha yes, Arif Lohar’s Alif Allah has been doing this to many people, including me- I’ve started liking Pakistani Classical(and hence appreciating ‘our’ culture) more than rock or pop now :O

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