Slopes and Slants

Friday, June 18th 2010

I got my learner’s permit last week, and am finally driving =).

I started learning how to drive one summer when I was 14. I remember I couldn’t even start the car, without it turning off!I slowly mastered the gears, and where everything was. My mom used to take me to an empty open space, and I used to practice almost everyday.  Then I started reversing and parking the car in the driveway, but not without breaking a few plant pots along the way =P.Occasionally my dad would step in to teach me, but when I was on the driver’s seat under his watch, the whole idea of showing him I could drive would backfire and I would get nervous instead.

Then school started, and I stopped practicing until I had to learn most things all over again every summer since. Last vacations, I wanted to get my license and be done with it. I had just turned 18 in May, and wanted to start driving properly. So I enrolled in a driving school with my aunt, and both of us learned all the rules and stuff. It was a very interesting experience. We were used to driving very carefully(and hesitatingly),  on wide roads. We expected that would continue. What we found out, however, was that our driving instructor had a very different idea. She thought she’d take us to the narrowest galliyaan, and made us pick and drop other students. “Clutch and break” was her answer to everything. So with bated breath and shaking legs, we drove around Islamabad. She was right. Driving around narrow, dilapidated roads with the occasional threats of donkey carts and stray goats did scare us at first, but we got over our fear of driving. The over-cautious attitude turned into a careful but confident one.

Then I left for university in a city where I could get anywhere by excellent public transport and walking. So now I’m back home, and want to drive already. The moment I got in the car after a yearlong break, I knew how to drive it but now I’m at that stage where I only need more practice. Oh, and driving a car on a slope.

Whether it was about finding a gradient of a point (on a curve) in calculus to taking a car up a steep area, slopes have always bothered me. So while I successfully drove my car from F-6 to F-11 earlier, today when I was driving on a hill (somewhere in E-12) it was hard. It wasn’t really driving up a slope that was hard, but the fact that it caused my speed to drop and I had to change gears every now that was annoying.

But slopes and slants aside, driving is fun :)!


8 Replies to “Slopes and Slants”

  1. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    loved this blog..
    stray baqras =)
    go to E-13… you will find stray cows..the “dheet” kind…

    sorry but there was word in english that can substitute for the word dheet :S

      1. Nahi yaar,

        Dheet has more emotions attached to it. When you say stubborn, I think of green meadows somewhere in England with cows grazing in total harmony.

        When I say dheet, it reminds me of the pakistani cows that glare at you whenever u try to over take them. =)

      1. HAHAHA….hope they didnt damage your car Maha!

        I was once in the car with my cousin and her dog.. Apparently the dog went NUTS when he saw the cows… the damn cows wont budge.. and just glared at us! Lets just say it was one of those rides I would NEVER want to repeat..

        P.S. I am going to Harvard Museum today. Will let you know how it went. Annnnd if it turned out to be good (which i bet it will be) we are going there once you are back IA. =D

  2. Haha, one time I was on a slope I think in blue area in front of Mama’s (because of all the construction) and there was a truck in front of me, so I had to stop. OMG what a nightmare. Stopping on a slope and trying to start again. My car kept going backwards and the taxi behind me honked repeatedly in fear. Eventually it got pissed off and went from my side. I finally released the handbrake, and normal brake, released the clutch, and pressed the accelerator at the same time. Sigh.

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