Football Frenzy

Soccer by Joga Bonita Futbol (

Sunday, 27th June 2010

FIFA is in the air: Waka Waka and African Drums on the TV Screens; 90 minutes of pure adrenaline; passionate cheering for foreign players whose names only the soccer whizzes know; Brazil, Argentina, Spain, England etc..who is in for the win?

As someone whose last football glimpse was Zidane and Materazzi’s headbutt in 2006, I watched last night’s match “USA vs. Ghana” with little idea of what was going on. The Ten Sports Commentator said something about a “corner kick”, and I pestered my uncle to explain what that meant; a player got a yellow card but I didn’t realize what the offense was; the game was extended–I thought it was only for 90…

I was rooting for USA. We lost…Let’s see who wins FIFA 2010.



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