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I rarely write poetry…But here’s something I composed yesterday:


A Soul tendrilled with fire,
Like a dragon’s searing breath.
Engulfed with flames of thought,
Electrons of restless ideas.

An inferno of desire,
Sparks of red and dust.
Tortured Soul, it leaps
Quenched with Faith and Higher.


6 Replies to “Illuminare”

  1. The whole imagery was intense Maha! I mean such strong words! Kinda scary. I love your last concept “quenched with Faith and Higher”. I felt as if the whole rhythm was building and building with so much heat and agony… then relieved down immediately. 🙂
    You made “Faith” sound like water for the soul. I loved every bit of it.

    But I have a problem with the “engulfed with flames of thought” part. I feel that the soul should not “think” it should have some tactile property, some experiences which help it learn, some senses not thinking … don’t know.. that one just seemed a little amiss to me, the rest was BEAUTIFUL

    write more poetry!

    1. I just discovered so many comments that wordpress had labelled as spam! -_-

      Thank you for critically analyzing my humble efforts!! I tried to write something metaphysical, but wasn’t sure if my words were even making sense. I’m so glad the water image was clear, because I was trying to build it up to that.

      As for “engulfed with thoughts”, I always felt like our Soul was a guiding compass engulfed with spiritual thoughts…I should have made my meaning clearer!

      Thank you for your critique <3! Ironically I can only write poetry when I am the tortured soul =P…

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