I wrote this exaggerated piece of writing on Tuesday after I was exasperated by my dependency on the internet. A few days without it and I was practically hyperventilating…This isn’t the first time I’ve realized my chronic internet addiction. And no, I like that drug. I’m not quitting.

*Read mockingly in Dickensian character, Alexandre Manette’s diary voice*

Tuesday, 13th July 2010

It’s been almost a week since I’ve been internet less. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that it feels like part of me is missing. I am out of touch with my all of my friends. So many emails left unopened, wall posts not replied to, research unfinished, e-books unread. Sigh. I never realize how dependent I am on technology until I’m deprived of it…Frantic calls to ptcl haven’t been helpful, cos the representative “jo aap ke ghar kal aajaye ga” never comes. But I keep hoping.

*Random drawing to take away from dramatic mocking*

Yes, I was this bored. Go MS paint 😛

6 Replies to “Random”

  1. Hahahaha. girl! What a pity :s ! Really no way out of this addiction-trap ! sigh! now see whts amiss? 😛 THE bored girl on this sofa . . .;)

  2. Whenever I used to go to khi i would be internet less. This sometimes lasted for more than four months. Yes. I felt even worse.

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