The Mortal Instruments Series

From the Publishers, Simon and Schuster

I’ve been re-reading the Mortal Instruments series…It’s a young adult urban-fantasy reminiscent of the friendships and adventures of Harry Potter but with references from Milton, Shakespeare and even from Theology. I don’t want to give out any spoilers so I’m only going to tell you this: it’s about a 15 year old New Yorker, Clary Fray, who loves to draw and finds out the world wasn’t really as she’d seen it. Read it!

P.s. Don’t you love the beautiful cover art??


8 Replies to “The Mortal Instruments Series”

  1. Maha!!! Before CC published this series she wrote a HP fanfic that is the best I have ever read. Sometimes I think I like it better than the original HP. It was ahhhhhhhhmazing. Beautiful. And Heart Wrenching. Literally. I’ve never used that last adjective before but it fits perfectly.

    1. Love you for knowing about CC!!

      Wow that sounds like a perfect read. I haven’t read a lot of Draco’s Trilogy, but will start soon =)…You should read this series ❤

      1. Yesssss you musty read Draco’s trilogy. I’ll read this once I finish reading the twelve book series I’m reading right now. 🙂

  2. Maha, you still have the heart to read books! Mine was broken after I finished Gone with the Wind seriously. I can only digest newspapers now. That too has become an imperative in life as I hate to be ignorant and all.

  3. As for this series, “I’ll really think about it!” The moment some hero enters the scene, I’m haunted by Rhett and any passionate heroine reminds me of ScarlettE!

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