My Family and Other Animals

One of the original peacocks

Friday July 23rd, 2010

I couldn’t go to sleep last night…It was just one of those insomnia-laden nights where all the stress in your life attacks like a raging lion… So I stayed up till Fajr because my nocturnal habits are ominously becoming a lifestyle (What was the adage about habits?) Anyway, since I couldn’t go to sleep on my own, and my eyes were too tired to read, I thought maybe watching an episode of Gilmore Girls would help (I’ve been following this lovely old show this summer)..Deeply absorbed in the episode- -Valentine’s Day romantic getaways inΒ  Martha’s Vineyard, Gilmore girls style mother-daughter bonding, summer wedding plans, and then bam: drama, drama.

My point? I was way too absorbed in the show. The episode ended and I thought I’d grab a drink of water so I stumbled groggily off my bed and BAM– 2 peacock baby chicks were standing right below me. Yes, actual pavonine creatures. Of course, I freaked out, because first of all the animal world has never been on my top list of favourites; and secondly, come on, who expects to wake up to find birds fluttering about in their room?! I could’ve stepped on the poor things! But that’s what happens when you have an almost zoo in your home :p. (Refer to post title)

The baby peacocks a few weeks ago. Now they have longer necks and more feathers

Anyway, so with a pounding chest, and passive annoyance, I marched off to the living room, hoping the chicks would follow me out (they usually follow anything moving), but no. The yellow fluffballs were too busy on a reconnaissance mission in unfamiliar territory =P. Curiously eyeing my new dupatta, ready to peck with their beaks, flying on the sofa-cum-bed, chee-ping (no, chirping doesn’t cover the soft, shrill melody), trying to eat the tissue paper on the floor, the little creatures were perfectly content. Of course, I was not the same. Normally we have a silent pact with our (correction, ami’s) pets =P: They do not come in our room. Maybe they sense the subtle hostility and that we don’t like them, maybe they know that the two hermits typing away on their laptops will forget to feed them, or maybe it is the no light, vampire boudoir ambience (our curtains aren’t usually drawn till 11am, and animals start their day at sunrise)…

Me and my sister had our fair share of pets when we were kids…It started with parakeets and canaries; Then we advanced to a litter of kittens of all colours, sizes and names at our grandparents’ place; More kittens; An adopted white Turkish Angora, Simba (We even have his birthday pictures somewhere…My 8 year old sis thought making a cardboard birthday cap would be a good idea and 10-year old me didn’t disagree :P). After Simba, we were soon in that stage of life when you don’t start having time for pets.

Goshi last year

So it was a pet-hiatus until about 2 years ago when we got a cute little rabbit called Goshi…It soon became family; it slept in the drawing room, ate in the dining hall, frolicked about in the lawn.. After we got Goshi, it was a downhill path. We soon got peacocks, roosters, hens, chicks and more rabbits. Most of them have names as our little cousins love them, and we have bunnies called Phantom, Dimples, Fluffy etc etc…Oh and I heard now we even have cows somewhere in a piece of land of Dadi ji‘s. All the animals had babies, and their populations grew. But since peacock eggs don’t hatch easily (male peacocks tend to break them), they had to be incubated. But since they were artificially born, their mom refused to accept them and hence we now have baby peacocks upstairs (temporarily); And these peacocks are the same birds that scared me out of my sleep today (and led to this blog post) :P.

Dimples as a baby

16 Replies to “My Family and Other Animals”

  1. I love all the animals at your house! The great thing is how involved and enthusiastic you guys are about your pets. Most people have pets as a one time splurge and later, when life catches up with them, the pets lose their importance and then pretty soon its a burden taking them to the vet or cleaning up after them. Three cheers to the Kamal Zoo! πŸ˜€

      1. I had fish, hens and chicks, geese, army of cats, rabbits (i had two..but they soon grew exponentially =P), and parrots and various types of birds.

        I named one rabbits

        Do brothers count as pets? ….. πŸ˜‰ if so then i have a brother as well

  2. Awwww. . Lurvvvvvvvvvv soo manyyyyyyyy things in this blog πŸ˜€
    firstly: you talk abt imprinting. hehe. nice “hoping the chicks would follow me out (they usually follow anything moving), but no.”
    2)hermit part was fun :p
    3)dimples is soo cutuuputooo
    4)you name them quite well. love saaaray names πŸ˜€
    and that too :
    “But since they were artificially born, their mom refused to accept them ” awww. extend my love and concern to them. lol =P (:

    1. Hahahaha I can’t believe it either :P. We were sooo surprised when my mom and dad actually bought peacocks. They once started talking about getting peacocks, and we laughed heartily at the joke, but turns out they were serious :D..*Imagines peacocks on Bay State (like the random famous Turkey) and laughs*

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