The perfect header

I’m just having too much fun with blogging these days because summer is the only time I’m free enough to maintain it…Ever since I upgraded to wordpress from live spaces, I’ve been looking for the perfect header…I made a temporary one copy pasting stuff but I finally made a nicer one =)…I don’t think anyone wastes that much time on a blog header though…

Here’s the original collage I made after collecting pictures from all over the internet. Yes, I know it’s a waste of time :p

I ❤ Picasa

11 Replies to “The perfect header”

  1. hahaha I love the new header! its definitely expressive! But dont you think mixing a little bit of islamabad in it would’ve refleted the CURRENT maha! =)

    Heart in Boston when Maha in Islamabad. Then. Heart in islamabad when Maha is in Boston! =D

    1. I tried mixing Islamabad and Boston, with Pakistan in the middle :D.. If you look closer, there’s Faisal Masjid, and Blue Area in the mix..I couldn’t find a postcard for Islamabad with the name on it though :(..

  2. I want to steal your theme :E WP themes make me gloomyyy 😦
    OKAY that was random, but then I dint know where to write it =P btw. . I am waiting for a new post by you (:

    1. I know!! Whenever I stumble upon a blogger blog, I’m jealous of the variety they get to have! Feel free to steal lol, wordpress rarely has any customizable options and this was one of the few :P…

      *Sigh* Yes, I haven’t been writing much, have I? It’s all because of this book I read, The Fountainhead…It’s the kind of book which is really thought-provoking and makes you over-analyze everything you’re doing in life, in my case obsessive blogging :P…
      Very interesting read though, so give it a shot if you haven’t read it :)!

      1. I will wait for a review by you first =P Lol.I was kidding =P I like it and I am jealous. but it’s ok . I’ll deal with it. Ahahahah 😛 Who is the author btw?

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