I Spy.


A web of lies, espionage and deceit..False intelligence…Secret reconnaissance missions…Covert operations and civilian deaths —  An episode of Chuck? A James Bond spy movie?

Think again.

Often times in life, reality is stranger than fiction. After all, a leak of thousands of classified military documents on a public website sounds unbelievable. But that’s what all the major newspaper headlines said today. And a “source” from the US Army has been arrested.

The previously undisclosed information on the Afghan War was posted on the Wikileaks’ Afghan War Diary and is a collection of the grim realities of war in Afghanistan. The extent of the war-crimes and sheer violence is now open for public view, and political statements about a currently peaceful and progressive Afghanistan seem to be blatantly equivocal in the light of current information. In fact, troops currently deployed in the region are no close to “winning” (war can never be won) than they were.

Questions of freedom of information arise (Freedom of Information Act 1966) and why under the Bush Administration it was increasingly limited; What’s more important, Investigative Journalism or National Security? How far can classified information remain classified in the modern era? Why political immunity and insulation is prioritized over the truth? Are the allegations implicating Pakistan’s ISI true and why is the current pattern of violence in Afghanistan VERY similar to the instability in Pakistan? But most importantly, if the ISI is aiding the Taliban, as Wikileaks seems to suggest then why is Pakistan suffering the constant backlash of the Afghan War (terrorist attacks in all major cities etc.)?

What’s interesting is that Wikileaks is in media collaboration with:


2 Replies to “I Spy.”

  1. Now all I can say is, this is written by a Boston University student with a perspective of majoring in International Relations. =)

    Well done. =)

    You understanding just exceeds everything I think of! ❤ It's a delight to read all your posts. Goody Good!

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