Tears and Thunder…

An aerial view taken from a helicopter shows houses marooned in flash floods caused by heavy monsoon rains in the flood-hit Nowshera district.–AFP Photo (From Dawn.com)

It was a dark month for our country. For the last couple of months, when tragedy hit this part of the world, it was man-made; shocking events involved suicide bombings in major cities, a War stricken North, terrorist attacks, rising prices and increasing poverty… all results of years of bad policies, economic and political blunders.

Yet calamity had a different face in July… Prayers for rain had been on the lips of many…the sweltering heat had taken its toll. But when the heavens started pouring, it was not a rain of Mercy. As the ominous clouds thundered above and the dust settled down, the prayers for rain soon turned to cries for it to stop.

The tragic plane crash in Margalla and the series of raging floods have taken more than 1300 lives. The floods are the worst in Pakistan’s modern history. I don’t have words to describe the pain and terribly, a little reminiscent of the 2005 Earthquake…Nature unleashed its wrath and through tears and grief, man is helpless :'(.

Please pray for the deceased :(… May they rest in peace and Allah bless their souls. May Allah forgive our sins. Ameen.


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