Another political faux pas by His Majesty

Mr. Z has not really been known for his impeccable diplomacy…Not really for his incorruptibility either… but most definitely not for his astute sense of politics. So I was not really surprised when his majesty chose his son’s graduation over his country. Graduating from Oxford is a big deal, right? And after all, a loving father spending his time with his children in a chateau in France is a great public image, right? Doesn’t the West love a good family man? More loans, more $$.

Mr. Cheshire-cat-smile  forgot a tiny little detail though. He’s President, for heaven’s sake! And choosing a luxury trip to Europe when your country is facing grave natural disasters isn’t exactly presidential.  And not to mention that the country is also facing some of the worst political disasters, for example Wikileaks. But while the British PM accused Pakistan of ‘looking both ways’ on terror, it’s a pity that President Zardari could not even muster a simple refusal to visit the UK. Oh what a martyr, he’s staying in the “cheapest five-star hotel” in the UK.

Zardari’s Euro-trip is an ignominy. He should have said no. Not only because it would have been politically correct, but simply because a real president would have stayed when his country needed him.

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