Ramadan Mubarak! =)

The holy month of Ramadan will InshaAllah begin tomorrow in Pakistan. The change in routine is so refreshing =)…

Waking up a little before the crack of dawn to gobble down Sehri; The trickling water of Wudu as you prepare to pray; The inner-peace when you read the Quran and try to do more good deeds; The crisp aroma of pakoray and samosay before Iftari as everyone gathers to break their fasts with dates; Taraweeh…

May Allah’s Mercy be on us :).

I came across this interesting Ramadan checklist on facebook. It’s a nice reminder…

Ramadan reminders..

Like This!


11 Replies to “Ramadan Mubarak! =)”

      1. I hope the I-sector masjids have some women arrangements..The F-11 one doesn’t as far as I know, though I recently heard someone arranging Taraweeh at their place in F-11/1 =)

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