Air blues

Disclaimer: This post might not make any sense due to mild-severe sleep deprivation.

Sunday, August 29th, 8:52 PST

I’m at Dubai Airport right now. Mouth parched as I sit here typing away, trying to access facebook on a really slow wireless hot spot. I was too lazy to get water at duty free; that would have meant walking =p. Preferred the short term benefit. I’m about to board the flight to NY in a few minutes InshaAllah. Looking forward to the sleep =D. Okay, so I left home at about 12:30; after a careless moment of forgetting my keys with my parents, had to wait a bit.. Boarded plane at 3:40. Realized I was hopelessly romantic (once again.) after watching Letters to Juliet. So I don’t believe in love at first sight, but yes, soul-mates do exist in my life-dictionary.

Btw, if you don’t already know, Romeo and Juliet was so not the epic love story that pop culture makes it. Romeo may use beautiful hyperbolic words like “Juliet is the Sun”, but there’s no escaping the fact that poor juliet was his rebound girl. Juliet should have let him swear by the “inconstant moon”. T’was befitting =P.

18:20 EST

At JFK Airport right now. An hour till boarding starts, and the wireless hotspot is too far away from where I’m sitting. The flight from Dubai to NY was alright. It was a long one- around 13 hours- but took a couple of naps every now and then, and it seemed really short…After 2 movies and a couple of games of “snake”, it was over. Had to check through bags again cos apparently they don’t  get through to your final destination at JFK ‘cos of security reasons. I like to get through the security hassle asap…Had a couple of hours free before the next flight, so reading a book, “Beastly”. Love my sis for being an avid YA reader =D.

I’m excited about the new year =D. Old friends, new friends; pretty New England Fall; whenever, wherever…

Sophomore year sounds promising. At least I imagine it to be. I know the place now (kind of love it too =P), will have a friend for a roommate and love the sound of all the courses I signed up for.
Already got some work lined up for extracurriculars, and professors have started emailing about syllabi and books. Changing to a sensible sleep schedule might take time though, as I’m really used to 4 months of laziness. Also laundry, cleaning and papers, all that comes with an “independent” life.

Thinking of going green (in the environment and healthy eating sort of way =P). Considering a double-major with IR or geography/ journalism and a minor in Arabic, since I gave up on the whole graduating early idea. Lets see what my advisor thinks…

I like that American undergrad degrees are usually liberal-arts based, so you can take a bunch of courses in very different subject areas—whatever interests you + dreaded requirements, in my case math =p. Thank God I’m done with my math reqs, but you never know what course it seeps into next.

Apart from all my boring academic details, I’m planning on exploring Boston more (another semester resolution ;))… Apparently a Red Sox game is kind of a rite of passage if you’re visiting Boston, so maybe I’ll develop a taste for baseball lol.


15 Replies to “Air blues”

  1. Hi Maha! How was Letters to Juliet? My mom and I saw a coming attraction, and it looked so cute. I’ve been watching more romantic films lately too. In real life, though, I’m rude to any man who isn’t gay. Oh well. I guess it’s my protection mechanism. Good luck with getting back to Boston, and I hope your year gets off to a great start!

    1. Hey! Letters to Juliet was a real “awww” movie =D..very cute, you should see it! Thank you! The year has a good start so far…Oh and guess what? BU got rid of conversation hours after all 🙂

  2. I am so glad you’ve reached USA safely and are excited. =) That’s the best part of it. Oh and yes liking baseball resolution and going green resolutions are really good. ! Lets hope you stay adamant.

    The double major thing is nice! But maybe you might get drifted towards something even more promising. Lets hope you decide well!

    Best wishes! Keep blogging.

    P.s: THE NEW BACKGROUND IS SO CUTE. I love Blue. ❤

  3. Minor in Arabic is great idea, there is lot in Arabic history, literature and politics to explore, especially the evolution of Islamic civilization and generally there have been few real expert on middle eastern politics – late Edward said taking a lead in them. Get a strong grip on Arabic. I have had to say something on your writing priorities that I think could be helpful to you in the long run

    Good luck

  4. Yesssss for going green. In the new house we got, we installed strand woven bamboo as hardwood and carpet made from recycled plastics. Greenness is awesome!

  5. Yay for going green. In the new house we got we installed strand woven bamboo for hardwood and carpet made from recycled plastics. Greenness is awesome.

    And we’ve been eating pretty healthy too. 🙂

  6. Take care Girl! 🙂 Your post was cute (: I dint understand the J thing though :-s
    and that “Also laundry, cleaning and papers, all that comes with an “independent” life. Ah! (:

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