These past few days have been a blur of moving-in, buying books, heat and “hurricanes” and a very familiar walk up and down Comm Ave =P.

31st August

Moving-in to Myles in the blazing heat(in Ramadan): Two huge suitcases, and two equally huge storage boxes. It took me a couple of hours to unpack and then sometime to relax and catch my breath. Seyhr came straight from the airport later on in the day :). We grabbed Iftar, and then went to buy fans and lamps etc. from Bed, bath and beyond. Crispy Crepes was a refreshing end to one hectic day…

1st September

A day to class and there was so much to do: Barnes and Noble, visits to the bank, Mugar and back. Ran into a lot of old faces.

2nd September

First day of classes. Woke up early, miraculously and talked to ami and sis for some minutes. Got dressed up and took the bus to work. It was interesting to get back in routine and though my feet hurt from all the walking in the heat, it was still nice. My first class was GE356: Third World Development, the class I was looking forward to most. The prof is cool, and it’s one class I imagine never to get bored in. The only problem is that it’s really challenging, and strongly discouraged for Sophomores.

My next class was International Organizations and Governance. Another class I think I’ll love…

Shopping for rainboots on Newbury. Selling ISBU tickets. Dinner with Shayaan and Seyhr.

3rd September

Arabic class, work, philosophy classThis is the only semester I’m excited about all my courses and Insha’Allah I hope to keep the enthusiasm up :)…

Met Minah and her mom!! Catching up with Wafaa

4th September

Movie in Metcalf Hall. U-burger. Clockwork Angel.

I don’t know what’s going on outside my BU bubble, and maybe I don’t want to know either. I took a glance at yesterday, and surprise surprise, no good news. Maybe ignorance is bliss, and maybe ostriches have it better.


12 Replies to “Grayscale”

  1. Yes Yes. Forget the world for a while. Everything is so stagnant out there. Have fun Maha. I am excited for you πŸ˜€ The ending line was wow πŸ™‚

  2. Now that was a good routine!!! =) glad you’re enjoying it. third world development and International Organization coupled up with Arabic and philosophy! OMG! wonder courses!!! πŸ˜‰

    Love them already! But why is the 3rd world thing discouraged for sophomores?

    1. I know :D. First time in my uni life I’m excited about all my courses. Otherwise there was stats etc. to get me down…

      They think it’s too tough for sophomores, class has PhD students too (though they get more assignments than undergrads)

      1. YIKES! PHD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your university has a real depression thing around it πŸ˜›

        So do they contribute in the class a LOT or do undergrads make themselves heard too?

      2. Ironically the Phds say little in class, probably because they are more mature =P. They say very little, but the few things that they do say make so much more sense than what us undergrads ramble about :P./

  3. And the last line was ❀ pretty! =D

    I guess I was surprised to know that the Urdu deal about ostriches was even used in English literature! I had to look up to it! lol!!! Loved it! =)

  4. “Maybe ostriches have it better.”
    I love how you stated that. So true.

    Ive been reading the news about the flood and it just seems to be getting worse.

    So thats my new motto. Maybe ostriches have it better.

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