To Jerry.

They say ignorance is bliss. I’d say I have to agree with that.

We had been living and co-existing peacefully with a not-so-welcome creature for more than a month before being alerted to its presence. I don’t know if ignorance would have been better.

Early morning at 3 am on Friday, me and my roommate had quite an interesting start/end to our day. We were just putting up finishing touches on our homework due that morning, and had been planning to go to bed in the next half an hour. I was busy typing away; she was busy with French.

That was when I saw something move on the floor and dart from one corner of our room to the other. It was something gray and fast. Freaking out, I told my roommate I saw “something”. I didn’t wanna admit what that “something” was. That’s when I saw it again. This time both of us started panicking. Who wouldn’t have, when there’s a MOUSE/rat in your room on the 3rd floor of all places! It was the most shocking thing ever! And when S saw it scurry to our bathroom, both of us knew we couldn’t sleep in our room that night =(. Problem: It was 3 in the morning!! And frantic calls to our friends didn’t wake them up from their slumber. Thank God one of them picked up and saved our lives. We’re indebted to her forvever!

It was raining when we made our escape. Soaking wet, and with only a flimsy umbrella, we made our way to R’s place three blocks away from where we live. When we got to her place, it was almost surreal: A peaceful home with a comfy air mattress was the perfect refuge.

We finished up homework till about 5:30, only to wake up at 8:30 for a 9am class. To think that a tiny creature could overturn our lives like that was nerve wracking.

I “christened” it Jerry, after the legendary “Tom and Jerry”. Some of my friends have been telling me to take care of the creature, telling me that it would like peanut butter. But to be honest, I would rather prefer Tom.

Boston and it’s rats -_-.


11 Replies to “To Jerry.”

  1. I’m sorry Maha.. but one side of me says. “ewwwwwwwww, freaky and scary and full of panic” =S

    But the other side of me says, why not just trap that Jerry in the bathroom and sleep well. Jeezzzz maha…. JUST A MOUSE. 😀 hahaha

    So is that what takes to scare a Pakistani!! HUMPH. A MOUSE!!!!!!!! :O

    Aiman dies. BE BRAVE MY VALIANT EXPATRIATE. My wishes with u. 😀

    1. Loool jerry can’t get trapped in the bathroom! Bathroom door has a gap with the floor and so “jerry” can freely move around =/..Haven’t seen it around in a few days Alhamdulillah!

      And pakistani kahaan se aya? Everyone’s scared of mice =P! Universal thing

      and lol thanks for the wishes 😀

  2. dude i had a mouse in my room too. i saw it at like maybe 8 o’clock and then at like 4:30am i heard a scratching noise and it was the mouse stuck in my roommate’s garbage can. it kept trying to jump out but it was too small. i called housing and they came at 6 -.- we stayed up for an extra hour and a half b/c we were both too scared to touch it. haha

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