Back to Beantown

I’m back from not-so-sunny California to a Tipp-Exed
Boston. It was good to get plenty of sleep, delicious food and
loads of fun before a semester that I know is going to be my
busiest so far. That’s cos I’m signed up for more extracurriculars
(I already have a giant “things to do” list for that), have to look
for summer internships (and then fill out apps), and raise my to
above my standard 3.28. I’m registered for History post-1945,
Environmental Science, South Asian International Relations (yay!)
and Arabic. Oh and also R.A.D. I’m most excited about S. Asian IR
and hope to kick ass while learning a lot about the region
InshaAllah. Other goals for the semester include burning some
calories. Trudging through snow may help in this regard =p. Before
I go on a diet, I’m planning to go on a shopping spree and later to
P.F Changs to celebrate our coming back to Beantown. It’ll be fun
to see her after forever… So I have the room all to myself for
now, so of course it is a mess =p. (Okay, that was just an excuse.
It is always a mess, regardless). My “un-packing” involved me
basically tossing out everything out of my bag to my desk, dresser
and bed, in no particular order (oh, and the rest is on the floor).
Maybe I’ll start blogging again regularly, producing sub-standard
blog posts like this one =P. Basically, I just want to record
whatever I’m doing in life, regardless of how mundane it might be.
Kind of like an open journal for close friends and family, like it
originally was, before I moved to wordpress. Of inspiration strikes
I may remove the password. But for now, this is how it is…
Anyway, so this is about it. God bless Martin Luther King for
Monday’s holiday. That’s all for now. =)


4 Replies to “Back to Beantown”

  1. Maha! If that were not for your particular sweet style of writing, it could have been not much appealing; the daily journal that is. But trust me, the way you pen down things. . . it is always an interesting read. 😀 Have fun!

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