Procrastinators Unite, tomorrow: Tales from Mugar

It’s almost 1 am. But glancing at the throngs of students buried in books all around me, it doesn’t seem that late. Midterm week in Mugar always brings students scrambling to the libraries. Some are wearing worried frowns on their faces, their forheads wrinkled in concentrations as they mull over some calculus problem. Others look not too perturbed, and are seen typing away on facebook chat, glued to the familiar blue and white screens- their books spread out over the table. Some are furiously highlighting pages and pages of leghty looking texts. A few are munching over goldfish snacks that they sneaked in, philosophizing the mysteries of life. Occasionally loud voices from the stairwells break the haunting silence that pervades the library floors; or a monotone voice from the speakers reminding students that the doors will be shut on them soon.

The atmosphere is grim, fraught with exam stress and lab reports. Of course, it is also the time when facebook seems to be almost calling you; or something exciting seems to be chirping away on your twitter; or your blog looks too lonely from the hours of neglect you spend studying away. Midterm week seems to translate into Procrastination Week. Yours truly chose to spend Procrastination Week by blogging about the mundanities at Mugar. Hope you are being more productive than that! Best of luck for yor exams, and happy studying.

Here’s a video capturing the classic battle between students and homework: 


5 Replies to “Procrastinators Unite, tomorrow: Tales from Mugar”

  1. I can soo relate to this! It seems like first semester just ended and now I’m half-way through the next! We got our results today but now we’re buried in textbooks. 🙂 btw is Mugar the name of your dorm?

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