DeNile just gets deeper

Disclaimer: If you’re looking to read something useful, I suggest a detour to (or the like). This is merely an early morning, introspective rambling.

Diary of an Ostrich: Newspaper Rehab

So there’s something seriously troubling about the way I have been avoiding newspapers. There’s a distinct pattern:

1. Avoiding the breakfast table.

With three daily newspapers (and four weekly magazines) spread out in a rather daunting chiarascuro, the falsely comforting aroma of chai doesn’t do much to ease the atmosphere. The newspapers will lure you; especially when both your parents will break into rhythmic discussions about Pakistan ka Haal. If you join in the chorus, “baita, politcs is a dirty business.. You’re too young to be influenced by this cynicism”. And when you remind them that you decided to change your major to international relations and journalism, so now this is very academic, they might remind you that journalism is probably the last field that should be on your mind. You can’t blame them either 😦 (

2. Limiting how much you read your newsfeed on Facebook.

Chances are if something major is happening in the world, your friends will be posting/tweeting about it.  If you’re in newspaper rehab, clicking that depressing article link is the equivalent of OD’ing while in rehab. Bad idea.

3. Watch TV shows

If it’s brainless, it’s good for you. If it makes you lament human depravity, and mourn your helplessness in the situation, stay away. I watched about 15 movies in the course of 4 weeks. People say I’m recovering.


Why am I not doing something about it?

Because it’s masochistic to depress yourself.

Ever felt this after reading newspapers:

  • you can’t sleep or you sleep too much
  • you can’t concentrate or find that previously easy tasks are now difficult
  • you feel hopeless and helpless
  • you can’t control your negative thoughts, no matter how much you try
  • you have lost your appetite or you can’t stop eating
  • you are much more irritable and short-tempered than usual

If you identify with several of the following signs and symptoms, and they just won’t go away, you may be suffering from clinical newspaper depression.

Here’s a random screenshot of World News from today (from, a website collecting top news headlines 24 hours from around the world). I can’t say I blame my newspaper abstinence anymore. It’s for the higher cause of sanity of mind.

A random news sample




8 Replies to “DeNile just gets deeper”

  1. This posts accurately summarizes exactly how I feel sometimes.
    I think you and I have both watched way to many movies in the past few weeks. Like seriously. 🙂

  2. Dear Miss Ostrich,
    I watched seventeen movies last week *sheepish smile* . That being said I don’t question your sanity, you already know that. For the extra prophylactic measures, you can fold the newspaper into a napkin and keep that on your lap or you can always spill the tea over the main page when your parents are not looking. =P Anyways, I am glad that this post is not classified nd hence not password protected. 😉 😀

    1. Xehraa, good to hear from you!

      Med students need the extra movies, tumhein jaaiz hai =P! And excellent idea, newspapers are perfect for that purpose :D..

      Hahaha yes, I thought it wasn’t too terrible of a post so wasn’t too risky for my writer reputation ;).. Btw you already have the password, no? I never change it

      1. oh yeah! I do have the password 😀 but with this previlige comes a mixed-alarming feeling of trespassing, dunno why =P

        and dayem! you think your other posts were risky for your writing repo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Hmph, I don’t like you when I imagine you saying that. :/

  3. I just loved the citations. LOL. One for each claim. And yes I agree with the 1st paragraph completely. I get to hear “why aren’t you reading the Economist? We thought you were suppose to do something about the Pakistani Economy” 😐 DUMB-FOUNDED.

    I prefer sleeping, there’s so much to do in life… i just accomplish that by sleeping ❤ Premonitions in my dream is another way of forecasting the future. I don't need newspapers for that. 😛

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