Ghar ka na Ghaat ka

Ghar ka na Ghaat ka

So I think the memo “to live and let live” escaped the attention of the world population (excuse the gross generalization). How hard is it to let go of a holier-than-thou “I’m right and you’re wrong” attitude? And I don’t mean this in just the “holy” sense.

Naivete had led me to believe that it was only “mullahs” (for a lack of a better word) who were prone to preaching: people who were more concerned about what you wear than what’s inside your heart (since Islam is a religion of women’s clothing, after all =/); who were more concerned about their ankles showing for namaz, “takhnon se uper shalwars”, then they were about backbiting about their Muslim counterparts who don’t. Basically, you get the picture.

But this concern about other people’s faith (kiyoon ke aap ne sab ke deen ka thaika liya hooa hai) is not limited to the stereotypical mullah. There is another beard of “mullahs” out there (excuse me, I meant breed). Evangelical anti-religionists, who spare no moment to tell you that you must have a shockingly low IQ if you don’t believe in Darwinism. Sometimes these well-meaning fellows (after all, they are saving you from the opium of man) try to save your immortal soul (oops, they don’t believe in a soul- make it “mortal mind”), but take it too far.

So you’ve seen the Light (religion is evil). But is it really necessary to shove your opinions down other people’s throats? Does it really matter if they believe in God and you don’t? Why should you care if they have beards or not? Really, this polarization with two types of radical extremism is leaving the so-called moderates (so-called, because I don’t believe in classifications) like dhobi ke kuttay, to quote the Urdu adage.

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6 Replies to “Ghar ka na Ghaat ka”

  1. spot on!…maulvis telling u to wear veil is deemed extremism on the other hand France bans veil bt still is a liberal secular country…i mean what about personal choices and freedom of opinion! both sides r at fault and there is much need for moderation!

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