Back in 6th grade, I had a diary. Harry Potter obsessed as I was, I symbolically named it “Pensieve”, for the shallow stone basin which was a portal for all memories. Memories, captured happiness..and deep tragedies.

Last morning I was fine. Same old life. Biggest worry in life: packing. Of course, nana ji’s in town, so naturally some deeper topics were explored too. A little soul-searching, Iqbal, Rumi, priorities, regrets, death. The unpredictability of life. The inevitability of death.  Funny how one of the greatest certainties in our lives, death, is seen with such horror-stricken caution. Phrases like “Khuda na khwasta” often follow a mention of death. But perhaps “to the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure” (Dumbledore).

I finally understand why nana ji always chose Multan over Islamabad. The City of Saints.


If a hummingbird’s heart flutters,

Does it dance to the rhythm of its melody,

Or does it flitter to a tranquil tune of calm chastity?

Is its restlessness reflecting the rivers of remorse,

Or something pervasive that’s run its course?

But why desecrate beauty with words,

For a cadence that is truly its own.


3 Replies to “Revisitations.”

  1. =) I never knew you were so obsessed with Harry Potter. Lovely idea. If I dare to suggest, why don’t you rename your blog as “The Pensive” ? After all, this is your new mode of emotional ventilation?

    I, on the other hand, have had faith in good memories of my friends. Purge out my soul through talking and receiving instant feedback. Being capsuled always suffocated me, I guess that’s why I am not a great reader or writer.

    But consider please. =)

  2. It’s a part of who I am, shaped our childhood, didn’t it?

    Good idea.. Would make more sense. “Bostunned” was a more the freshman-year-OMG-I’m-here kind of name =)

    And I as you know very well by now am quite the opposite :D.

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