Dear FutureMe

I recently discovered a website that lets you send letters to your future self (Write one!!). Sometime in 2013, I’ll get a letter as a surprise (inshaAllah). Parts of it are here in this blog-post. What can I say, How I Met Your Mother inspired me. And a > 4 hour bus ride alone can get pretty boring. Thus a letter :).

"The future is called "perhaps," which is the only possible thing to call the future. And the only important thing is not to allow that to scare you" - Tennessee Williams

Dear FutureMe,

So every year I look back at old things I have done or have said, and realize “boy was I young”. Also, at the time I feel like I’ve reached the height of maturity =p. That’s how growing up is.

Right now, I’m in New York City. Just said my goodbyes to Sauleha as she begins her Barnard adventure. Yes, there were tears, and I felt like a mother at her daughter’s rukhsati, trusting God and the future. InshaAllah Barnard will turn out to be the best thing ever for her <3. What can I say, I’m an older sister who thinks she’s an older brother and a part-time mom. (Yes that’s really what you were like, Maha =p. Also you love this smiley. Hope you’ve gotten rid of that annoying habit by now).

I don’t know the reasons why I’m writing to you. Maybe because this is one of those moments where life feels like it is at a crossroads, and you know that what direction your life will take is in your hands (partly at least). Just wanted to remind you that, seriously, you have done more in life than most girls I know, and I trust that you will make good decisions in life inshaAllah. Remember to always keep a good balance between “Deen” and “Dunya”, and know your priorities in life. Family comes first. I’m starting my junior year of college right now; thinking that perhaps journalism is the path for me. Actually its more writing itself, than journalism in its more traditional sense. This is your birthday before graduation inshaAllah so hopefully you’ve figured this all out. Did you go to Turkey, or was double-majoring your thing? Whatever became of the Daily Free Press, ISBU, MUN and all these little activities in life that kept you busy at BU? Watch Steve Jobs commencement address as a refresher when you’re running low on the priority scale..

20 year old you was a bit naïve; you might still like being the perky cheerleader you usually are. Though I hope you’ve learned to trust those people who’ve only truly earned it. Trust is something sacred; something that has the power to make or break you. So choose wisely. That doesn’t mean wearing a cloak of paranoia and going through life like Mad Eye Moody himself. Just being wiser. And perhaps that insight comes with age.

And always remember, Carpe Diem.


9 Replies to “Dear FutureMe”

  1. Carpe Diem it is! Hope that this bit remains constant 🙂
    And I wonder why do people with journalistic pursuits(I being one of them) are never sure of making a ‘formal’ choice towards journalism.

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