It’s finally here, 2012. The Mayans would have you believe that we’re headed towards something apocalyptic . But that’s not a very positive way to start the new year. So instead I leave you with a prayer. May this year be all that you’re hoping for, and more. May you find peace and happiness, and leave your mark of change. May you discover joy in every breath of nature, and find wisdom in unexpected places. And lastly, may you be a source of solace for everyone around you.

Every year, we make lists. Scribbles and scrolls of what we hope we’ll accomplish as we turn a new page in the book of life. Some feature on lists every year, like losing weight and eating healthier. Others are more personal. Last year Time Magazine had a list of the most popular resolutions (Top 10 Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolution):

Every year I start with lofty personal aims for the new year, most of them similar to the list above. But like a cartoon I read suggested, New Year Resolutions tend to be a “to-do list for the first week of January” for the most part. So for 2012, I’ve decided that I don’t need a list. Here’s to a spontaneous, unpredictable year. No lists, and no planning.

Happy New Year everyone :).


9 Replies to “2012”

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  2. My resolution for this year is to Learn Something New .. lets see what will happen .. 🙂 .. Thanks for the prayers .. I hope this year brings a lot of happiness for you .. Ameen

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