Passengers We Love

After being on a plane for more than 16 hours, snarkiness might just be a side-effect. In a great mood after economy class’ stellar service, so I thought I’d identify everyone’s favorite passengers =p:
Little Angel:
Every economy class plane is bound to have its adorable cherub. This little angel is wrapped in plush blankets, has the pinkest cheeks and starts the journey peacefully. That is until he/she lets out a banshee shriek that has every passengers’ ears ringing. The angel suddenly transforms into demon spawn with a terribly loud siren for a larynx. As mama tries to calm lil sweetie, baby remains resolutely stubborn to give headaches to one and all.
 When you checked-in online, you carefully selected the best available window seat. Happy that  you’ll get to have an aerial view of the world, you’re looking forward to this ten hour flight. You board the plane, all set for the journey. But when you get there, you discover that “your” seat isn’t really yours. The passenger there is blissfully oblivious to the fact that they stole it. This aunty/uncle is usually already sitting comfortably there, settled in properly. They’re usually elderly and asking them to move would be petty and plain rude. So you suck it up in the aisle seat and get up every time they ask you to for bathroom breaks.
The airhostess has finally brought out your food. You have your table stretched out and are just about to take the first bite when *seat-quake*! Uncle sahib in the front decides he wants to take a nap. Without a warning, he pushes his seat back to the maximum. You’re squashed, spilled tea and all. You pull your seat back a little, and so start the seat dominoes.
Chatty Aunty
 You’re at a cliffhanger in the book you’ve been meaning to finish. Excited that you finally have some reading time in this 14 hour plane ride, you carefully take your book out… “baita, where are you from?”, you hear a shrill excited voice. Monosyllabic polite response *insert name of place*. “Ohhh, there? My aunty’s daughter’s husband’s brother lives there too! What a small world! Do you know ___?” “No aunty, I haven’t had the good fortune to meet them yet.” “Oh what a travesty! I MUST add you on Facebook and introduce you”. You thinking: *Aunty, whyy do you have a Facebook*. Farewell, oh book I’ll never finish now.
Snark aside, sometimes you might even make good friends on the plane, so spin the Wheel of Fortune and see who comes your way.
Feel free to add to the list!

22 Replies to “Passengers We Love”

  1. Its been soo long since I’ve been on a plane! Haha, from what I remember though, I was always the kid hooked to the movie that was playing on the back of the seat in front of me, and never paid attention to anything else. Except that one time when the PIA air hostess just wouldnt bring me water! They can be stubborn, you know.

    Lovely piece, chatty and fun 🙂 Love the images too. [chatty auntie pic was the best]

    1. The little movie screens are basically what everyone needs to focus on =D.. Mine wasn’t working this time, so yes air hostesses can be mean sometime =s..

      =D Thank you!

  2. Never had the good fortune of meeting a hot guy on a plane ride. It’s always the old aunties or the banshee infant. And don’t even get me started on kids who can walk around… the way the get up on their seat and point-blank stare at you for hours, like they’re in a zoo. Oh the horrors.

  3. You are glad to have not met the likes of Vomit-bags-are-for-Niswaar Guy, Canayda Passport Flaunter Guy, Confused Pajama Girl/Guy, Air-hostess Ogler Guy, Looking-for-Suitors Aunty, and British-Accent-Punjabi-Mei-Gaal-Kadd Guy etc.

    The best and most common however are the Need-to-switch-on-phone-right-after-we-cross-into-Pakistan Guy. You know Telenor is doing it’s job right when people can talk to their loved ones fifteen minutes before landing.

    I hate flying.

    1. HAHAHA OMG that is quite a list, please write about them if you have stories to share =D..

      And YES, the “Need-to-switch-on-phone-right-after-we-cross-into-Pakistan Guy” is quite a legend *SMH* :o.. Worse, however is the fact that 11000 meters in the air, in the middle of the flight, someone’s phone started ringing =p.. Like landing/take-off mein tou it’s still understandable, but middle of the plane ride tou hadd hi ho gayee

  4. Seat Stealer .. 😀 .. aisle seat for 14 hrs tsk tsk! Next time make a sad poocher face and whimper like a cute little puppy and ask them for free seat upgrade.

  5. this is really interesting and hilarious….nd yes hate the seatquake part and the little angel,becomes very VERY frustrating at times 😦

  6. Great one maha! Really loved this one!

    Now i’m dreading my flight back… I can stand everything but a chatty aunty …. Oh dear

  7. Lol I can relate to this. Reading abt aeroplanes reminded me of one situation in Pakistan. I was at Lahore airport…ready to go back to Karachi….I was at a check in counter queue when this man cut in front of me. I was shocked that he cut in front of me. There was a perfectly lined queue with me and this auntie behind me…and he decided to cut in. I told him that I was here before him…and you know what he said? he said ‘koi baat nai’ and smiled at me. I was livid but I didn’t throw a hissy fit, knowing the subservient auntie behind me won’t have my back.

    1. Oh wow! How rude! I’m not even surprised though, judging by the hordes of people at airports though, but at least banda zara sa tou guilty hota hai, audacious “koi baat nai” O.o!

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