Is technology racist?

Came across this graphic a few weeks ago, and wanted to know what you guys think? Is technology unwittingly racist, or does it just reflect society’s pre-existing stratification?





5 Replies to “Is technology racist?”

  1. I wouldn’t say it’s ‘technology’ that’s racist. There is an inequality present in almost every industry, and I think it is that same inequality that’s present in this industry. It might not even be racism anymore. Maybe it was at one point, and so education was denied to African Americans and as a result, life was tough, and not many of them climbed very high up the ladder. Those roots created a legacy. Those setbacks in the beginning continue to restrict many African Americans today even though there isnt such blatant racism as there was before. You know how in Pakistan we learn that the Muslims in undivided India didn’t get a Western education and so later on, the Hindus continued to have an upper hard and stuff? Same concept, I would say.

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