On Healing

Sometimes life can take you down a thorny path; you may feel lost and alone in the world; you’re emotionally parched through this desert walk in the sweltering heat; you feel like you’re losing strength, and that you can’t play the cards you’re dealt; you see no exits in this labyrinth; it seems like you’re falling through an abyss, spiraled downward by gravity.

There’s a sense of helplessness; sometimes it turns into the self-pitying “why me?”

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with times of crises. Some seek guidance through prayer, some look to writing, some escape through distractions, some find solace in work. Each of us responds to situations in our own unique way.

For me, Ramadan is a reminder of healing. While physically, our body cleanses itself of toxins when we resist food during fasting, the spiritual-detox is more difficult. How can you heal your body, heart, soul and mind? There isn’t one way that works, and everyone has to find their own journey…

I thought I’d share my ways of “healing”, and hopes for the glass being half full :).

1. Reminding myself to be positive:

“And never give up hope of Allah’s soothing Mercy: truly no one despairs of Allah’s soothing Mercy, except those who have no faith.” (Quran, 12:87)

Keeping faith in the forgiveness of Allah is something that has helped me in the past. I try hard to be patient and have hope that God has something better in store. Renew zikr and salat. I also try to reach out to friends and family for good advice. Reading messages of positivity, everything from Yasmin Mogahed to Facebook pages that focus on self-improvement.

2. Nature walks:

“And to Allah belong the east and the west, so wherever you turn (yourselves or your faces) there is the Face of Allah (and He is High above, over His Throne).”

(Quran 2:115)

It helps me to just go outside, take a deep breath, and observe everything around me. Simple things like the hues of a sunset may be a reminder of how small you are in comparison to everything around you. And that can be oddly comforting at times, to know that your problems are only a tiny part of the grand scheme of nature.

A Carl Sagan quote reinforced that point for me even more:


3. Writing

Sometimes writing helps me find some sort of spiritual peace, as I siphon things from my mind to paper. Reading inspirational writings/experiences also helps enrich this process.

Of course, these are just my amateur ways to reconnect with my faith. There are so many more paths to discover…

What’s your spiritual detox?



3 Replies to “On Healing”

  1. Wonderfully Co Related With The Verses From the Quran. Generally speaking it seems as if Every Verse In The Quran If Profoundly Pondered Over, Has Anwers To Our Everyday Dillemas One Way Or The Other.

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