Insaaniyat: the need for an attitude change


After witnessing the incidents of the last few days where many people lost their lives due to the presumed shia-sunni conflict and many similar incidents that have been occurring in our society, we felt a dire need to take an initiative of promoting the spirit of insaaniyat (humanity).

Whenever such incidents occur whether we attribute them to Shai-sunni, deobandi-barelvi, muslim-christian, mohajir-pathan (list goes on.. ) conflicts, the biggest question that arises is not what is the nature of our differences, the point is why do we always generate conflicts out of our differences. The problem is not with having or developing differences, the problem is with our attitude as to how we manage these differences.

Every society consists of individuals and these individuals have different personalities, preferences, experiences, needs and beliefs. it is perfectly normal to have different views and to belong to different groups or schools of thought but…

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