Evolution of this blog


I started this blog in the spring of 2010. It had very personal beginnings and was my way of keeping friends and family posted about my life in Boston.

Writing is not a tool though…It has a certain formative power of you, steering you away in directions that you would not have thought possible.

This blog, in a lot of ways, helped me explore my multiple interests (international relations, politics, energy, public policy, religion, interfaith relations, literature etc.).

It has seen too much writing and then long hiatuses – reflective of my own journey to pause and reflect more.

Seven years later, the blog’s tone has changed from informational, tongue-in-cheek posts to more introspective pieces about life and current affairs.

It has helped me trace my own evolution as a student to a journalist to a policy analyst. Moreover, it has cemented my belief that learning can never stop in life – “Stay hungry, stay foolish” as Steve Jobs puts it.

Over time, I have realized that there was purpose behind my wanderings. I was seeking knowledge that would align with my values of social responsibility. I wanted to be able to influence the world around me, in subtle, understated ways, but leave my footprints along the way.

There’s no greater power than the written word for that…


One Reply to “Evolution of this blog”

  1. Your blog resonates how I feel about my own writing and how it has evolved over the years. There was a period when I was involved with TEDx, I wrote articles that were half decent and now I am in a grey area where I want to write freely but my thought processes keep evolving, never staying the same and a part of me worries that because of this, I will look back and regret ever writing in that tone. Because I have done that. I don’t know if I am making sense at all. I hope at some point I will settle down with a tone that reflects my values and ideals and that I can look back with no regrets. Thanks for this beautiful blog…what a lovely start to Friday morning 🙂 xx

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