I started this blog in the spring of 2010. It had very personal beginnings and was my way of keeping friends and family posted about my life in Boston. Writing, though, is not a tool though…It has a certain formative power of you, steering you away in directions that you would not have thought possible.

This blog, in a lot of ways, helped me explore the purpose behind my multiple interests (energy politics, international relations, religion, interfaith relations, literature etc.). Over time, I realized that there was purpose behind my wanderings. I was seeking knowledge that would align with my values of social responsibility. I wanted to be able to influence the world around me, in subtle, understated ways, but leave my footprints along the way.

There’s no greater power than the written word for that…



39 thoughts on “About

  1. I am following your blogs cuz im waiting for the words “packing”.. “going back to BU”..”plane”…
    Come BACK!!!

    1. Minah! I miss you. You were supposed to take Boston pictures =(.. And summer’s going by so fast, I’ll be back in no time <3. Be careful what you wish for though =P.. Are you done with your classes?

      @ Faiqah I LOVE that line :D..and lol yeah totally karachi

      1. Dude.. i totally remember the pics!
        Just havent had the energy to upload them..
        and yes im stalking you until i see/hear you are coming back!!

        Not done with classes,
        but have just 3 more left, so soon will be done =D

        We still have tons of places to explore (yes other than food places!) so hurry up!

        no mosquitoes here *winks*

      2. My scholarship still has to be renewed so please pray that happens soon and I come back asap! =)! What are your holiday plans, once you’re done with classes? AND YES!! There’s A LOT more to do. We have to watch a Red Sox game, even though I know nothing of baseball =P..

      3. hey… nice posts//////////////////// its very interesting ……..
        Aarish … from islamabad.

    1. Of course! I love your writing, particularly your occasional satires. I stumbled upon your blog on facebook (Amber Saeed) and have been reading ever since..

      Thank you! 🙂

  2. Heyyy. I soooooo want to ask if u’re majoring in literature or something close to that ? your blog is so full of literature and stuff about it 😀

    1. Hey! I’m majoring in International Relations but even though I love the intricacies of world politics, some how I’m never up for blogging about it (the whole impersonal element :P).. I took literature all through O and A-levels though, and love it :D…What about you?

  3. Ahaaa. .great great. .specially ur impersonal take on that =P I soooooooo love literature too. that’s the primary reason for loving ur blog, girl. The secondary being ur writing style of course. Though I haven’t read much literary pieces but I love to brag that I actually know what’s literature. hehehe! =P
    I am M.b.b.s-ing btw. buahaaahh =P 😉

    1. The medical profession is so interesting! If I was remotely good at chemistry, I might have considered neuroscience. How are your experiences in MBBS? Do you get any sleep :P?
      And it’s nice to know you have such diverse interests, lit and med 😀

      1. yeah yeah. Grass is always greener on the other side. nai? =P it has just startd , first semester, first year. . I hope to survive nevertheless =P

  4. hi Maha
    I have read many entries of your blog.i found them rich with insight.I love interacting with brilliant minds especially the writers. Although i am pursuing engineering in Pakistan,my interest largely lies in international politics especially the Arab and Muslim one, besides that I am also associated with environmental movement, now a days working on kind of environmental newspaper as editor in collaboration with UN and ministry.I occasionally blog on ghalimurtaza.wordpress.com and earthyvoice.wordpress.com that i intend to writer regularly in future.

  5. analysis on Iran was by my friend Rehan Arif,while on western double standard-it was my piece. nevertheless,thanks indeed

  6. I can so relate to this! Haha I’m only in my first semester and I’ve already had a taste of the late-night working hours, frantically trying to meet a deadline and trying so hard to stay sane 😛 LOVE this post!

    Oh and I love Rumi too 🙂

  7. Dear Blogger

    I really like your writings. I have a blogging collaboration offer for you. I could not find your email, so can you kindly reply on the email I am going to submit below.

    You my not approve this comment.

  8. Hello Maha!

    i hope you are in good mood.

    i just came across your linkedin profile and saw this your page. i want to enhance skill and want learn from your experiences. i would like if you give me little space to work on cover stories under guidance. i believe i have potential just need environment to utilize it.

    I hope u will take my request seriously.


  9. Hi Maha!

    It was indeed a pleasure for me to read some of your write ups! I am working with a German Think-tank in Pakistan and going to start a new program on “Understanding Social Contract” and for this we are going to establish a Working Group (A Pakistani Think-tank to for Social Contract) I read one of your piece on Social Contract so thought to come in contact with you. I will appreciate if you can share your contact details so that i can further share the details with you.

    Much regards,

    Abdullah Dayo
    Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Pakistan

  10. Hi Maha

    Very surprised and disappointed to see that you are “following” a convicted d*ug cr*mi*nal now. Referring to your most recent following. Be warned!!

  11. I was referring to that fraud living off dole S Afridi who is also a convicted criminal…. Be careful please! Is this the kind of people you follow?

    1. Thank you for taking the time out to let me know. While it does concern me how you immediately got notified about who I follow, I appreciate your warning. Following people doesn’t mean you endorse their views or are friends with them e.g. I follow Narendra Modi and strongly condemn his views

      Maha Kamal On Feb 11, 2016 10:05 AM, “Thoughts and opinions” wrote:


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