On Healing

Sometimes life can take you down a thorny path; you may feel lost and alone in the world; you’re emotionally parched through this desert walk in the sweltering heat; you feel like you’re losing strength, and that you can’t play the cards you’re dealt; you see no exits in this labyrinth; it seems like you’re … More On Healing

On Gratitude (Shukr)

Ramadan means something different for everyone. As a time of self-reflection, those of us observing it have very personal responses to Islam’s holy month of fasting. “Allah said ‘Every action of the son of Adam is for him except fasting, for that is solely for Me. I give the reward for it.” (Tirmidhi) There’s a … More On Gratitude (Shukr)

Illume Magazine Feature on the Boston Marathon

    Originally published here: http://www.illumemagazine.com/zine/articleDetail.php?Boston-Marathon-Home-Under-Attack-14257 It was a regular day at work on Patriot’s Day for Hamza Syed. Working in his office in the suburban town of Burlington, Mass., life was going at its typical Monday pace. About 18 miles away, in Copley Square, thousands of people had gathered to cheer on runners participating … More Illume Magazine Feature on the Boston Marathon

Close to Home…Again.

Marathon Monday — Patriot’s Day is a time when Boston’s streets are full of people. Commonwealth Avenue, the street I live on, is splashed with color and celebrations. The Boston Marathon, is the world’s oldest marathon and attracts about 500,000 spectators. It’s a holiday, and for this college town, that means a day away from the … More Close to Home…Again.

“Beyond the Ideas of Rightness or Wrongness”: Ambreen Butt

“Beyond the Ideas of Rightness or Wrongness”: Ambreen Butt By Maha Kamal A Pakistani artist with long, jet black hair works carefully in a suburban studio in Lexington, Massachusetts. Shades of ochre and maroon seem to come alive on one wall. On closer inspection, the colors are revealed to be a body of ants, representative … More “Beyond the Ideas of Rightness or Wrongness”: Ambreen Butt

Interfaith Harmony in Pakistan?

The first week of February was World Interfaith Harmony week. On Wednesday, as part of interfaith services at Boston University, I participated in a celebration of interfaith harmony, and it was one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences I have had.  The theme was justice, and representatives across different faiths said a few words and prayers (Specifically … More Interfaith Harmony in Pakistan?