Media Interviews (selected)

South Asia Vulnerable to Climate Change – Express Tribune

PTV World

Samaa TV

Capital TV


Opinion pieces (selected)

LNG Imports – Dawn

Climate Change and Heatwaves – The News

The Sarcist

Cover Story – South Asia Magazine

Pakistan and the Social Contract – PakVotes

Journalism (selected)

United Press International (

Pakistani Public Opinion of the U.S. Hits All Time Low

Truth Tracker – Watching Out for Pakistan

On Justice Siddiqui

Assessing Merger of Ministry of Water and Power and Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources

Illume Magazine

Boston Marathon: Home Under Attack

Express Tribune

Portrait of an Artist – Ambreen Butt (ET Magazine)

Facebook Activism and Where it Fails

On Internet Safety

Humor – Passengers on Planes

Islamabad Dateline

The Daily Free Press

YOGA – Stretching the body, mind and soul

Research: Learning when you Snooze

Medical: New Autism Lab to help young patients

Boston University Increasingly Diverse

BU Grad Student Helps Fight Election Fraud

More Electric Cars!

BU Housing: Improvements

On Obama and the Job Market

Harvard Arab Alumni Weekend

BU Student Elections: Rhettvolution

Student designs costumes for GLEE

Peace Corps and BU

NOAM CHOMSKY: Rise of the Right

Libyans Speak Out Against Gaddafi

Development Policy Needs Reexamination

Manning’s Treatment a violation of human rights

Peace Corps 50th Anniversary

Valentine’s Day Dating Game

Science: Love and the Brain

Students at Marsh for Charity

Gubernatorial elections: the big debate/

Teen Ink Magazine

Story: Relics

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