I’ve always been on the other side of the desk, trying to focus my attention on the professor while scribbling notes at the same time. So as I stepped into the second floor classroom of Hangzhou Entel Foreign Language School, I was a bit nervous. I found myself facing a group of 14-16 year old … More Hangzhou

A Beijing Recap

30th June 2012 The rickety device made it’s way down Ring Road towards Jinsong. It looked like it was originally a bicycle, but a fitted seat and a few nuts and bolts here and there, and voila, a rickshaw. The sky had been overcast, and it soon started pouring on Sanlitun road. We’d originally wanted … More A Beijing Recap

A Monday in Beijing

China is absolutely breathtaking. The rightly named Yonghe temple is literally a “palace of peace and harmony”. It’s so serene to just listen to the lull of hymns and take in the burning incense. And the Great Wall is not a wonder of the world without a reason, amazing structure of man. But this post … More A Monday in Beijing