College Blues

Because sometimes a little exaggeration is good Calling out to all aunties: if your daughter is allergic to anything related to house-work, you need to send her off to a vilayati college (no dorms). Fearing she’ll become even more burger than she already is? Have No Fear, Homesickness is Here. It will leave her wearing … More College Blues

To Jerry.

They say ignorance is bliss. I’d say I have to agree with that. We had been living and co-existing peacefully with a not-so-welcome creature for more than a month before being alerted to its presence. I don’t know if ignorance would have been better. Early morning at 3 am on Friday, me and my roommate … More To Jerry.


These past few days have been a blur of moving-in, buying books, heat and “hurricanes” and a very familiar walk up and down Comm Ave =P. 31st August Moving-in to Myles in the blazing heat(in Ramadan): Two huge suitcases, and two equally huge storage boxes. It took me a couple of hours to unpack and … More Grayscale