The International Day of Tolerance & Insaaniat

November 16, 2013   It’s tragic that on the International Day of Tolerance (November 16), Pakistan is dealing with the aftermath of sectarian violence. In a region that has a brilliant history of Sufi poetry (Bulleh Shah) and that has produced individuals like Abdul-Sattar Edhi, time and time again, we have seen the darkness that … More The International Day of Tolerance & Insaaniat

Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender  Walking a tightrope of gossamer threads, A balancing act of Smoke and Mirrors, Clouds of confusion reflected, In the nebula of CO, That spirals from the inferno below: Crackle. Gasoline flames of transient dreams, Tendrils of carmen red burning steadily Lost in hummingbird heartbeats, And silver chains of material distractions, Tiptoeing a precarious … More Sweet Surrender

Darkly Revisitations

Overcast, Feelings pitch black like velvety darkness Enshrouded, In a shimmering cloak of doubt Silence, Of questions unasked and unanswered. Hands, Cupped in an oblivion of prayer. A lull of slow midnight traffic waves, Ebbs and flows Dark recedes with the first kiss of dawn The Sun weaves threads of gold Sparks from the glow … More Darkly Revisitations