Why is Pakistani Society so Divided on Malala?

First published on Medium.  Why is Pakistani Society so Divided on Malala?  Everyone has an opinion.  I never thought watching The Daily Show would leave me misty-eyed… Nor did I think Jon Stewart could ever be left speechless. But watching Malala sitting calmly next to Jon Stewart recalling her innocent thought-process of what she’d do if she ever … More Why is Pakistani Society so Divided on Malala?

Pakistan and the Social Contract

Written for and originally published in PakVotes Pakistan celebrated 66 years of Independence on August 14th. Green and white flags hoisted throughout the country spoke of a patriotic nation that is proud of its people. Campaigns like #14ActsforPakistan revived a spirit of activism for the motherland. Television channels showcased marching parades and national anthems. Sparkling … More Pakistan and the Social Contract

Close to Home…Again.

Marathon Monday — Patriot’s Day is a time when Boston’s streets are full of people. Commonwealth Avenue, the street I live on, is splashed with color and celebrations. The Boston Marathon, is the world’s oldest marathon and attracts about 500,000 spectators. It’s a holiday, and for this college town, that means a day away from the … More Close to Home…Again.

“Beyond the Ideas of Rightness or Wrongness”: Ambreen Butt

“Beyond the Ideas of Rightness or Wrongness”: Ambreen Butt By Maha Kamal A Pakistani artist with long, jet black hair works carefully in a suburban studio in Lexington, Massachusetts. Shades of ochre and maroon seem to come alive on one wall. On closer inspection, the colors are revealed to be a body of ants, representative … More “Beyond the Ideas of Rightness or Wrongness”: Ambreen Butt

Interfaith Harmony in Pakistan?

The first week of February was World Interfaith Harmony week. On Wednesday, as part of interfaith services at Boston University, I participated in a celebration of interfaith harmony, and it was one of the most spiritually uplifting experiences I have had.  The theme was justice, and representatives across different faiths said a few words and prayers (Specifically … More Interfaith Harmony in Pakistan?