On Writing

NOTE: This piece is more a catharsis, than a legitimate piece of writing. However, part of the process to step out of the writing comfort zone and explore why some of us write how we write... In other words, deconstructing the process of writing in order to understand it better. I hope to learn from this exercise, so it would be constructive to hear your views, even if they are biting criticisms tearing it apart. It's only through hearing opposing opinions that one can grow as a human being, I think. So Take 1 of "bad writing on display."



Pakistan and India both celebrated their Independence Day yesterday on the 14th and 15th of August respectively. Its a joyous occasion in both countries, celebrating freedom from colonial oppression and the imperialist British Raj... Both countries had a chance at self-rule, the swaraj they had aimed for. But for country ties, old scars, deep wounds …

Aman ki Asha?

One of my friends is writing about the India-Pakistan Partition of 1947 and asked me to share some of my thoughts. Feel free to share your opinions, the more different the better...Here's what I wrote: Partition has become a ghost of the past for most Pakistanis. The new generation does not have any personal memories. …