On Writing

NOTE: This piece is more a catharsis, than a legitimate piece of writing. However, part of the process to step out of the writing comfort zone and explore why some of us write how we write… In other words, deconstructing the process of writing in order to understand it better. I hope to learn from this exercise, so it would be constructive to hear your views, even if they are biting criticisms tearing it apart. It’s only through hearing opposing opinions that one can grow as a human being, I think. So Take 1 of “bad writing on display.” … More On Writing


The Hunar Foundation- Enabling Pakistanis for a Brighter Future

Originally posted on saramuzzammil:
  The Hunar Foundation is a non-profit organisation that took root with the objective of finding a solution to the problems of livelihood for the youth through quality vocational training of international standards. They offer one year courses in various trades followed by internships in industry or commercial organisations. Apart from professional…

Why is Pakistani Society so Divided on Malala?

First published on Medium.  Why is Pakistani Society so Divided on Malala?  Everyone has an opinion.  I never thought watching The Daily Show would leave me misty-eyed… Nor did I think Jon Stewart could ever be left speechless. But watching Malala sitting calmly next to Jon Stewart recalling her innocent thought-process of what she’d do if she ever … More Why is Pakistani Society so Divided on Malala?

The International Day of Tolerance & Insaaniat

November 16, 2013   It’s tragic that on the International Day of Tolerance (November 16), Pakistan is dealing with the aftermath of sectarian violence. In a region that has a brilliant history of Sufi poetry (Bulleh Shah) and that has produced individuals like Abdul-Sattar Edhi, time and time again, we have seen the darkness that … More The International Day of Tolerance & Insaaniat

Pakistan and the Social Contract

Written for and originally published in PakVotes Pakistan celebrated 66 years of Independence on August 14th. Green and white flags hoisted throughout the country spoke of a patriotic nation that is proud of its people. Campaigns like #14ActsforPakistan revived a spirit of activism for the motherland. Television channels showcased marching parades and national anthems. Sparkling … More Pakistan and the Social Contract

On Death

Lately I have been thinking a lot about life and death. How we consider the two to be the opposites of each other, like light and darkness. Perhaps it is this idea of the two being seen as the converse of one another that I find the concept of death so challenging. It seems tragic, … More On Death